We have several volunteer opportunities that need to be filled.

  • We always have a huge need for fosters. The more people that can foster, the more lives that we can save.
  • We need transport help, usually between Lexington KY and Aurora IN.
  • We need local transport help to and from events on weekends and to and from our vets during the week. 
  • Event Helpers for set up, break down and during events. 


Donation Info..


Kroger Community Rewards - Choose US As Your Charity!

Hello Family & Followers. Stray Haven is part of the Kroger Community Rewards program. ...BUT...in our mad dash to save lives, we failed to tell anyone or ask them to set their charity to Stray haven. With recent vet bills at a staggaring level we are trying to spread the word! So please, if you don't already have a charity selected that is near and dear to your heart, go in and assign Stray Haven.

Stray haven is an all volunteer program with no paid employees, with fosters in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio. We had over 1000 adoptions in 2023 and we currently receive no funding from community or government grants. So, as you can imagine, programs like this provide much needed financial support to our mission!

Go to your Kroger App or the Kroger website and log into your Community Rewards and select Stray Haven as your preferred charity. In your app - touch the 3 bars at the top of the Home Screen. Pick community rewards and find Stray Haven!

* For adopters that aren't local - If you are kind of far away, Just temporarily set your homestore to Batesville or Aurora, and then search. I think you can even filter for Animal to help locate it. Then when you are done, return your homestore to what it actually is.


If you are interested in lending a hand..

You're welcomed to send us a text or a call : (812)655-1974, shoot us an email : Strayhavenadoptions@gmail.com, or send us a message on Facebook. Thank you for your consideration in helping us save more stray babies.